OpenJanela – Leading Open Source ERP Software

A single, comprehensive Commercial Open Source solution built by experts with years of experience designing and implementing solutions for residential and commercial Made To Order & Configured Products Industries

Our Unique Value Proposition

We are a service company at heart

We start with a comprehensive, broad set of integrated ERP modules

We Combine them with affordable customization and implementation services

To provide you with a software platform solution that is truly your own.

Our Commercial Open Source Model Guarantees the Biggest ROI on your IT Budget!

Who Are We?

OpenJanela is a software and services organization with more than 50 years’ experience.
Our talented teams of managers, designers, and programmers keep us growing and improving.
Our customers expect no less!

What We Believe

We believe in forging partnerships with our clients.
We believe that clients are best served when provided with a solution they actually need, not an off-the-shelf product.
We believe that we can only grow when our partners grow.
This is why we do everything possible to make this platform truly yours.

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