Open Source License Free Software for Window and Door Manufacturers

Manage Production Schedules, Machine Capacities, CNC CAM Machinery, and More!

For Window and Door Manufacturers who insist on Smart Factories!

OpenJanela’s Open Source License Free Software for Window and Doors Manufacturers schedules Production Start Dates Just In Time. Enjoy Less Work in Progress, Uncluttered Shop Floors, better-Organized staging areas. Window and Door Manufacturers Produce up to 30% more Windows and Doors per day with OpenJanela.

With OpenJanela’s License Free Software, Window and Door Manufacturers can release large production batches and let the software intelligently create Sub-Batches. Sub-Batches automatically divide larger batches into smaller groups based on criteria established by you. Window and Door Manufacturers can achieve better workflow, faster throughput, and improved material yields. Call us today to see how we can help improve your production flow.

Intelligent Sub-Batching

Order Wise Production Scheduling

OpenJanela’s License Free Software for Window and Door Manufacturers Basic Production scheduling mode is Order by Order. This model is for those manufacturers that wish to release only complete orders to production.  While this is not recommended by OpenJanela, it is a common practice at many Window and Door Manufacturers. Disadvantages: increased Work in Progress and Finished Products lingering longer in the shipping area.  

OpenJanela’s Software for Window and Door Manufacturers recommended scheduling mode is Just in Time (JIT) production. Window and Door Manufacturers can release large batches that are automatically sub-divided and grouped by Product Types with similar Production Lead Times. For Example, doors and complex shapes may be released a few days before Windows as they take longer on the production floor. Similarly, Painted products may be released earlier. Advantages include reduced WIP, better throughput, and Orders getting completed at the same time. This means less wait time and clutter at the shipping warehouse.

Item by Item Production Scheduling

Paperless Production

OpenJanela’s Open Source Software for Window and Door Manufacturers can transform your shop into a modern Paperless Factory. With a minimal Investment in basic computers and barcode scanners, OpenJanela will display work instructions at all your shop floor stations, from Hardware to Quality Control. Know where each Assembly is at all times. Keep you Customer Service Personnel informed of the progress of orders. Let your dealers track, in real time, the status of their orders. Track the fabrication Times by work station, and control quality station to station. Manage Rejects and remakes as they occur and re-launch them into production. You can even track labor costs in real time if you wish! 

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