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Window Design Software that even your Sales People will love using!

Smart Intuitive Window Design Software

OpenJanela’s Window Design Software guides users through the design process. Our Window Design Software capabilities will make even fresh hires look like expert designers. Our intuitive Drag and Drop Window Design Software (and Door) features and built-in rules-based Expert System will ensure that the windows built are accurate the first time, every time! 

With OpenJanela’s Window Design Software users are guided through sets of Options in a logical step by step approach. Our Window Design Software ensures that all pertinent options are answered so that the system can produce accurate costs and pricing every time. The Window Design Software module is controlled by user-defined rules that consider an unlimited number of variables. This Rules Engine determines what options to present, what questions to ask, and what valid answers the user sees.

Guided Options and Guided Selling

Drag and Drop Window Design Features

OpenJanela’s Window Design Software drag and drop feature helps users create complex Elevations with stacked and integral frames. The Window Designer Software Module checks on Continuity, Length Limits, Reinforcement Rules, and many other variables to determine which profiles and parts to use. Even in complex Aluminium Window Designs, OpenJanela’s Window Design Software will always ensure that the right stacking profiles are used where necessary.

With OpenJanela’s Window Design Software users are can create complex configurations by dragging and dropping Window Types into Openings. Sliders, Casements, Tilt and Turns, Folding and most other window types are ready to be used in OpenJanela’s Window Design software.  The Window Design Software module is controlled by user-defined rules that consider an unlimited number of variables to ensures that only accurate designs are built, estimated and made ready for production.

Drag and Drop Window Types

Drag, Drop, Cut and Design Muntins/Grids

OpenJanela’s Door and Window Window Design Software allows your users to add Standard and Custom Grids to any Design. The Window Design Software will ensure that the grids always Align between Openings. Using OpenJanela’s Window Design Software, users can change the Number of Vertical and Horizontal Grids, Cut Grids, and Remove Grids from specific Openings. Custom Grids with Radii and Spokes (SunBursts, and other Complex designs) can also be added.   Accurate cust lists including Notch positions are created and sent to CNC machines or exported to Supplier EDI files.

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